Simple questions that helped us deliver 2 weeks before deadline

Although I am in the early years of my software development career, I am often exposed to discussions where we need to make a decision on the design of the application or the database. While working for a reputed security company based in the US, we were handed a task to design a windows console application which would be scheduled through the Windows Task Scheduler. Let’s say it was supposed to do task A, B and C through some .Net Web API.

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A short guide on unit testing Angular JS Controllers

Unit testing becomes a challenging task when one is not used to doing it. I faced a similar scenario writing my first application in Angular JS. I took more 3x more time to write unit tests than writing the actual controllers, services etc. I was not sure what and how to unit test. In this post I will go through of what I think is a comprehensive unit test for a controller in Angular JS and for that I will be using Jasmine as my testing framework.

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