IIS and Grunt configuration for Angular JS application development with Windows Authentication

There are times when one works with a ‘not so popular’ stack of technologies. The stack which I am using for development is one of those. We have a SPA based on Angular JS which consumes .Net Web API through REST services. The icing on the cake is, it uses Windows Authentication, since it is an app designed to be used on the intranet. I had a few hiccups on setting up the development environment mainly due to:

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Cleaner and maintainable object mocking in unit testing through angular modules

** Prior knowledge of unit testing angular apps with Jasmine and Karma is required to understand this post.

Modularity in Angular allows us to unit tests the pieces of application with ease. One can easily mock out services and objects and can unit test the angular component (service, controller, filter etc). But there are objects that need to be mocked out in more than one unit test and sometimes they can be big making the test file look really ugly. For instance, the $modal service can be used a lot in the application and we need to test our apps behavior every time a modal opens or closes. So we will need to mock the $modal service in each unit test and here is one way of doing it: Continue reading