Directive to set a scope variable on scroll finish of a div/text area

I came across a problem today in which I had to enable some options (which are disabled on page load) once the text area/div which has a scroll attached to it has reached the end. Usually such are the requirements when you want the user to scroll through or read the complete text before he can continue with whatever hes doing. Since it might become a requirement for other projects as well, I decided to wrap it up inside a small and neat directive. Here is how to use it: Continue reading


Making save password work with Angular JS

With all the power Angular JS possesses, it has succumbed to a rather simple feature, that is the save password on the browsers. If you hit the ‘Save Password’ on the browser after filling in your credentials, the browser stores the information and restores it each time you visit the log in page so you can just press log in or hit enter to sign into the application. Trying that with Angular JS fails unless you add and remove a character to any input tag and try again, here is why … Continue reading